Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cell Wars

Well it's come down to it.
Time to get a new phone

I'm so sick of T-Mobile and Sidekicks and my contract is finally up. I've decided to go with Sprint, and I want to get the newest, cutting edge, most reliable smart phone I can get. I've been wrestling in my mind about what to get and I've come up with 2 possibilities, and I'm asking for your help.

To let you know, I don't own my own personal computer at my home, and the majority of my business is done on my phone. I've been using my sidekick predominately for web browsing: email, myspace, facebook, twitter, etc. I do alot of texting and instant messaging, mostly through aim. My main email is through Google mail. I don't take too many pics with my phone and I have an ipod so I don't see myself using it for music.

Now that you know all this about me, these are my two options:
Blackberry Tour
Palm Pre

I want your input. I want to know what you think. Leave a comment on this blog and tell me what you think would be the best option for me. I want the pros and cons. Please be specific.

Thanks so much